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iPad not Getting iPhone OS 4.0 till Fall

Apple has just announced that it will be launching a new version of its iPhone OS,version 4.0. And while the iPhone OS also powers the iPad, Apple made some clear distinctions between the two devices Thursday. The new iPhone OS 4.0 will be available this summer for iPhone and iPod touch, but in the fall for the iPad. So if you’ve bought an iPad and are excited about multitasking features and fast app switching, cool your jets.

There were several features of iPhone OS 4.0 that are, in fact, already on the iPad. That’s because the iPad runs iPhone OS 3.2, while other iPhone OS devices are currently back on version 3.1.3. So iPad users are actually ahead of the other iPhone OS devices, at least until summer.

Among the iPhone OS 4.0 features already on the iPad: Support for Bluetooth keyboards, the iBooks app and support for Apple’s iBookstore, the ability to create playlists in iTunes, spell check, Places support in the Photos app, and Home screen wallpaper.

Now, iPad users are going to have to wait until fall to get the remaining features. But that gap in release dates suggests that it’s possible that iPad users will get a version of the iPhone OS that’s slightly more advanced that the one iPhone and iPod touch users will get this summer.