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iPad Now Gets Multitasking Apps

Multi-tasking for iPad is an application that brings multitasking to the Apple iPad for three pieces of software. The application allows Safari, Twitter and Facebook to multitask.

The application uses a version of the Safari browser from Apple which is already allowed by developers. Mixed in to that browser is the functionality of Twitter and Facebook that can run at the same time allowing you to browse the web while checking status updates and sending tweets.

The Multitasking for iPad uses a dual-pane view that allows Safari to run in the main window. Windows then pop open within the application where you can download data from Twitter and Facebook

Although this certainly isn’t the multitasking we saw when iPhone OS 4.0 was announced, it certainly is a decent in-between step that you can install while waiting for the official OS 4.0 update that will arrive later this year and perhaps you might find that it offers a very good experience which is exactly what we have heard from several sources.

The next application the same company have created is called Multi-tasking Browser that works in a similar way although uses a dual-browser configuration (rotating to landscape focuses on the main window) whereby around 20 mobile apps can be run in a second window such as GMail, GTalk and various other applications.

Each application costs $2.99 and each are available now from the iTunes store.

Multitasking for iPad – Available here
Multitasking Browser – Available here