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iPad 4 or iPad Mini?

User Daniel sent us a questions below

I’m having a hard time choosing between a full-sized iPad 4 or an iPad Mini. I know that the main difference between the two tablets is that the iPad has a 9.7-inch display, while the iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch display, but I’m curious to know if you think there are any applications where one excels over the other.

You’re right in that when it comes down to the hardware, the main difference between the iPad 4 and iPad Mini is screen size. Under the hood, the iPad has a more powerful processor than the iPad Mini, but the dip in performance that results from this is offset by the fact that the iPad Mini has a smaller screen, which puts less of a demand on the silicon. This guide to the pros and cons to help you decide whether the latest iPad 4 or iPad mini is right for you. Like all gadgets, it ultimately comes down to preference — that is, how you plan to use your tablet.



Pros: The new iPad has an incredible screen that delivers amazingly sharp images and text. Apple calls it a ‘retina’ display because, when held at a normal distance, it is impossible for the human eye to discern individual pixels. The iPad also has a fast processor that improves graphics performance so that games, in particular, run very smoothly. Finally, the 9.7-inch screen is an ideal size for photos and web pages. It’s easy to read the text on a web page without zooming in.

Cons: The iPad weighs more than twice as much as the iPad mini. After an hour of so of holding the iPad, you’ll start to notice that weight. While the iPad is very slim and certainly more portable than a laptop, it’s not a device that you can just tuck in your pocket each time you go out. And it’s £130 more expensive than the iPad mini – a significant difference if price is a key factor in your decision.

iPad mini

Pros: Smaller iPad means a cheaper iPad. You can tuck conceivably an iPad Mini into a pocket or a small handbag, whereas carrying its bigger brother needs more of a commitment. The stereo speakers on the iPad Mini make it a great portable music player. And the iPad Mini is great for keeping in touch, either via email, iMessage, or social media. iMessage conversations no longer feel cramped as they do on the iPhone.

Cons: A smaller screen means a smaller on-screen keyboard, and if you are planning to you your tablet for work, this is a significant influence in the buying process. While the iPad’s on-screen keyboard is fine for even reasonably extended bouts of typing, the iPad Mini’s on-screen keyboard is far too cramped for anything other than short bursts of productivity. And also a smaller screen means a smaller space for apps. While this isn’t a problem for a lot of apps, anything that you have to control with fingers and thumbs is harder on the iPad Mini than it is on the iPad. Apps such as spreadsheets and word processor documents quickly become frustrating to work with.


Both the iPad and iPad Mini are solid tablets, but that adding or removing that 1.8 inches of screen space make a tremendous difference to how you use the two devices. And if you’re considering a new iPad, we believed that right now is the worst time to buy an iPad or an iPad mini and those that are looking for a larger version of the iPad should hold off, at least for right now. Rumor has it, the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 launch is  only a few weeks away. So while it’s not confirmed, October is extremely likely. And that means that iPad buyers likely only wait a few more weeks for the iPad 5′s arrival because there not only be another option to consider, but we should see the pricing on the other iPad models drop. Check the iPad 5 rumors, news features here,  you would see the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 arrive with an improved features, it’s worth a wait.