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iPad Surpasses DVD Player for Fastest Adoption Rate

The iPad is leaving the DVD and other technologies in a huge pile of e-waste.

According to a recent study by Bernstein Research, Apple’s signature tablet computer has quickly become the most rapidly adopted non-telephone technology ever, surpassing the previous record-holder, the DVD player, in terms of number of product units sold: a rate of 4.5 million per quarter for the iPad, compared to 350,000 DVD players in its first year of release.

Even more staggering: the fact that 3 million of those 4.5 million units iPad units were sold during the product’s first 80 days. Sufficed to say, the iPad is blowing the competition out of the water and making history.

“The iPad did not seem destined to be a runaway product success straight out of the box,” Bernstein Research retail analyst Colin McGranahan said in a statement. “By any account, the iPad is a runaway success of unprecedented proportion.”

But the success of the iPad, which entered the market in April, has even greater implications than embarrassing the reputation of DVD players, which first hit stores all the way back in 1995.

According to the Bernstein research, if the iPad continues to perform at the current rate, the tablet technology will surpass gaming hardware and cell phones to become the fourth largest consumer electronics category, following only televisions, smart phones and notebook computers.

While there is no doubt that the iPad’s performance is impressive, there are a few points to be said in defense of good old DVD players.

For one, as the CNBC report points out, “[DVD players] were a bulky, pricey change from video recorders that had become a staple of most American homes.” And despite their widely publicized allure, Blu-Ray players still haven’t caught on with the majority of consumers.