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iPad Tops Teachers’ Back to School Lists

The season to spend on all things educational, especially technology, is upon us. Naturally, there folks out corralling educators and querying them about their druthers and, like the rest of us, the people standing professionally at the head of the class are thinking about iPads.

ReadWriteWeb isn’t saying how many they managed to corner or even give us hint about their methodology but they’ve surveyed teachers — one assumes a bunch — and have some enlightening info to share. Specifically, being “one of the most popular technology blogs in the world,” they’ve compiled a teachers’ Top 5 back to school shopping wishlist:

1. The iPad: Mobile Learning — The iPad and Twitter tied for the number of votes in our back-to-school survey. But if you combine those teachers who listed the iPad with those who voted for tablets, along with the shout-out for the 15 netbook mini-lab, then the educators who responded are most excited about bringing mobile hardware in the classroom. Many teachers noted this will be their first experience with 1-to-1 technologies.

2. Twitter: Real-Time Information — It’s not surprising, perhaps, since requests to complete our survey were passed around via Twitter, that many educators who responded said they were looking forward to incorporating Twitter into their work routines this fall.

3. Google Apps for Education: Cloud-Based Collaboration — Several teachers who responded said they’re looking forward to using various apps in the Google Apps for Education suite this Fall.

4. Blogs: Student Portfolios — Blogging remains an important and popular classroom tool as blogs can be incorporated into the curriculum at almost every grade level.

5. Sharing and Collaboration Tools: 21st Century Teaching and Learning — One thing that over 20 of the products teachers mentioned had in common: they were tools for sharing and collaboration, tools like as Wikispaces, VoiceThread and SlideShare.

That said, educators, students and parents around these oddly fractious United States will spend $2.6-billion on everything from pencils and paper to iPads and MacBooks. With your share of that bounty, what will you be buying either for yourself or the students in your life?