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iPad Users Watch 3 Times More Video Than Web Users

After the Apple iPad device was released, MeFeedia reported that iPad users watched two and a half times as many videos as typical web users, and watched video three times longer than those users. More importantly, those users spend three times as much time watching video as the typical web user, lending credence to our theory that the device’s form factor hits a sweet spot for personal media consumption.

It’s important to note that these stats are only for videos that are viewed through MeFeedia and its search engine, and therefore represent a small sample size of users. Also, since Adobe Flash isn’t supported by the iPad, those stats only include videos available through web pages that are HTML5-enabled. Considering the limited amount of web video content actually available on the iPad in these early days for the device, however, those numbers are pretty impressive.

Not just that, but there’s reason to believe that video viewing through iPad apps might be even more pervasive on the device. Apps from Netflix and ABC were listed among the top three most-downloaded in the iPad store. Also users may enjoy the local video or favorite home DVD movies by using the 3rd-party DVD to iPad converter or iPad Video converter to get them into iPad-compatible.

We think this is just the tip of the iceberg, and that users will continue to embrace the iPad for video consumption, particularly as more publishers ready HTML5-compliant web sites and more premium app offerings from video sites like Hulu become available. As HTML5 publishing and monetization tools mature, expect the quantity and quality of video available through the iPad to get richer, and the interest in watching video on the device to grow.