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Good Video Compression Settings for iPad

The iPad is an excellent device for watching movie videos. The question is: What is the good iPad video compression settings for the iPad’s display?

Digging around for trying to find the best balance of size, quality,  compression settings and compatibility for iPad to is just a pain. I’ve summarized my options here for you (and skipped all the lengthy explanations).

When converting / compressing videos, I use Aiseesoft iPad Converter Suite – it’s an excellent piece of software to help you get good quality video from your DVD or video collection on your iPad.

After you load your DVD or video file to the program, clicking Settings button to pop up the screen below:

Compression Type:
Chose H.264.

Frame Rate:

iPad screen resolution: 640*480, it is a good compromise and does not look excessively degraded when viewed in full-screen iPad playback.

If compressing HD / Blu-ray videos (or anything wider than 1024px), select iPad 720p video (1280*720)
If compressing DVD, set ipad video format to  H.264 720p video mp4. (DVD resolution is SMALLER than your iPad, so we don’t want to blow it up unnecessarily)

2000 kbits/sec.

Audio settings:

Choose AAC.

Choose Stereo (LR).

Choose 48kHz.

MPEG 4 AAC LC Encoder Settings:
Choose a  Bit Rate of 160kbps.

That’s it. The resulting file will be reasonably sized and playable  on your iPad or on any QuickTime compatible system.