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iPhone 4 App Will Work on iPad

AppAdvice reports: iPhone 4 apps will also pretty much fit onto an iPad screen. With a resolution of 940×640, there isn’t much difference between the iPhone’s resolution and that of the iPad – which rests at a cool 1024×768. This means that running iPhone 4 apps on an iPad won’t quite fit the full screen, but at the same time they’re not going to be far off the edges. Check out the picture below to get an idea of what to expect.

According to Apple, any apps written for iOS 4 will use higher-resolution screen controls when run on the iPad or iPhone 4. The fact that apps that are written for iPhone 4 will also scale to run on the (slightly) larger screen of the iPad will limit the extra fiddling that would be required for devs to come out with separate iPhone 4, iPad, and iPhone “classic” versions of their apps. Of course, it’ll also increase the pressure on devs to focus on a single version, and over time more and more apps will be released only for the newer “HD” platform, leaving a hundred million “classic” owners out in the cold.

AppleInsider also highlights the little-noticed fact that iPhone 4 will be able to use the iPad’s VGA video-out cable, so you can hook your iPhone up to any VGA display or projector for 1024×768 video. There’s no hardware support for HDMI, though, so even if you download an HD video to your iPhone it will be displayed at lower res.