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iTunes 11 Release and iPad Wifi Syncing Problem

Apple has officially released iTunes 11. The new iTunes features a simplified player, redesigned Store, and new iCloud features. A considerably redesigned interface focuses on edge-to-edge designs for albums, movies, and TV shows in the iTunes library, and personal recommendations are available when users click In the Store, which has similarly been simplified visually. Purchases in iCloud now appear inside your iTunes library, and can be played directly from iCloud or downloaded as a copy to sync to a device or play offline. Playback syncing is also a possibility with iCloud, which remembers where you left off in a movie or TV show; iTunes will now continue playing right where you left off, no matter what device you use.

It’s really great with the new release. However many iPad and iPhone users upgraded to iTunes 11 with wifi syncing problems below.

“Since I upgraded to iTunes 11, iTunes no longer recognizes my iPad 2 and iPhone 4 (both running iOS 6.0.1) as active devices for the purposes of wifi sync.”

“Just updated to itunes 11 and can not wifi sync my iPhone 4s, iPad 2, or iPod touch (4th gen). None of them are displayed in itunes showing they are available for wifi sync!”

“iTunes 11 took a very long time to find my devices via wifi. When it finally found them I tried syncing the iphone5, but the first two attempts ended with a “Cancelling Sync” message. It did complete the sync on the third attempt. When I tried to sync the iPad3 via wifi, the sync operation wouldn’t even start.”

“I am annyoed by this. As soon as I upadated to iTunes 10.7 it failed to detect my iphone 5 4th Gen iPad. I thought that iTunes 11 would fix the problem. Well I just downloaded 11 and it still does detect my iphone, and it detects my iPad by in the middle of hre wifi synch it looses connection. It has been almost 3 months now with no wifi sync.”

Well, guys, I just performed the Itunes update and experienced the same issue. My solution was 3rd-party iPad transfer software.
Exactly what I did was the following:
1.Download and install iPad Magic from Xilisoft
This program helps you copy movies, music, books, applications and photos from local folder to iPad/iPod/iPhone without overwriting original iPad/iPod/iPhone files.
2. In the left directory tree, select the target device file list that you want to import files into. And then click “Add File(s) to Device” drop-down button, choose “Add File(s) to List…” option, select the files you want to add in the dialog box that appears, and load them to your device.

Please comment and let us know if it was of any help.