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iTunes Movies in the Cloud

Apple expands of its iTunes in the Cloud service to add Movies from the iTunes Store. Movies purchased through Apple’s iTunes Store will be accessible via the technology giant’s iCloud service from any of its devices, including the iPad,iPhone and Apple TV.

In addition to new purchases, the iCloud service will store any movies that users have already bought from iTunes. Previously, Apple customers had to store movies they bought on the hard drive of their computer or other device.Now you can re-download some movies purchased from the iTunes Store to iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches, and stream them to the Apple TV.

Movies in the iCloud is a download service, it’s not home sharing,it’s not part of iTunes Match, it doesn’t work for all movies from all studios, and it doesn’t support Digital Copies unless they were acquired through an iTunes Store promo code, but hopefully some of those limitations will soon be things of the past.

Movies in the iCloud will likely prove a formidable competitor to UltraViolet, the digital movie technology backed by every Hollywood studio, save Disney, and most major electronics manufacturers, except Apple. Backers have been aggressively trying to grow UltraViolet since it launched last October and now Wal-Mart will allow consumers to access DVDs they own in UltraViolet’s cloud.

The movies on iTunes in the Cloud are currently too expensive. But this isn’t Apple’s fault. It’s the studios. And it seems that time and time again the movie studies are determined to show themselves to be backward looking and failing to see a great opportunity when it slaps them in the face. Let’s hope they come to their senses, embrace the future (streaming movies and not DVD purchases, and reduce the pricing for digital downloads.

As of now, the Movies in the Cloud is only available in the U.S. TV Shows in the Cloud started off as U.S. only at first as well, and then later rapidly expanded to over a dozen other countries.Will you build a movie collection and use Movies in the Cloud? Let us know in the comments.