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Kid builds iPad stand for $12.40

Take note all you DIYers and parents with creative kids. If you don’t want to shell out $40 for a high-tech iPad stand, you can make your own–or have your kid make one.

With the help of his father, my 10-year-old nephew Brett went to Home Depot, got a piece of wood, a hinge, and a couple of knobs, and presto, instant iPad stand. I’m not sure Brett’s going to win any design awards, but the thing does look pretty sturdy and only cost $12.40 plus tax. That may not be as cheap as Case-mate’s 99-cent cardboard case, aka the world’s ugliest iPhone case, but I’m sure he could get the price down if he mass produced them. After breaking down the stand, iSuppli says Apple could build it for 69 cents (I’m kidding, but it’s probably true).

With accessory makers still scrambling to make smartly designed cases for the iPad (read Scott Stein’s recent piece on what he thinks makes a great iPad case), we expect even more DIY iPad stand solutions to surface.