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Make Your Own iPad Halloween Costume

The iPad is in, but not just for watching movies on iPad. Now Halloween is just around the corner, are you ready to celebrate it iPad style? What costume to wear on 2011 Halloween day? Well, apps and trick-or-treaters will feature iPad costumes this Halloween.

Apps to Make iPad Halloween Holiday Costume

Halloween Costumes Fashion Fun By Greg Ellis is the most impressive costumes app on the market. You can get amny costume ideas in this app and you may email costumes to friends and save photos!

Costume Kids HD allows you to dress up either a boy or a girl in a selection of cool outfits including superheros, pirates, fairies, princesses and more!

Angry Bird Maker by David Tillotson lets you create your own crazy and very angry bird creations. Eight unique bird bodies that can be customized. And when your done you can save out your creation and use it as a wallpaper or email to friends.

Halloween Costume Catalog by Peep Software includes thousands of costumes and accessories.Animal Costumes
Baby Costumes,Cartoon Character Costumes,Child Playtime Outfits,Costume Accessories,Couples Costume, and more.  The app is totally free.

Trick-or-treaters to DIY iPad Halloween Holiday Costume

2 rectangular sheets of flexible foam-filled poster board (any color)


1 roll of sturdy clear packing tape

1 sturdy white paper plate

1 black Sharpie permanent marker

Computer-printed songlist

1 hot-melt glue gun (with glue sticks)

1 pair of earmuffs

Easy Instructions for Making the iPad Halloween Holiday Costume:

Select two flexible foam-filled poster boards. The color you select will determine the color of your iPad Halloween holiday costume. Of course, if color selections are limited, you can certainly cover your poster boards with construction paper, contact paper or another solid textile.

Measure the two poster boards against your trick-or-treater. (Ultimately, you will be creating a sandwich-board effect, placing one poster board in front of your trick-or-treater, and one behind, to form your iPad Halloween holiday costume.)

Trim both poster boards, if needed, so that the trick-or-treater will be able to move his or her arms and legs freely once the two boards are fastened together. Use scissors to cut a small arc in the top of the front and back poster board.

Fasten the two poster boards together at the top. Measure carefully, making sure that the trick-or-treater’s head will fit through the top neck opening. Enlarge the opening, as needed.

Draw iPad controls on the convex side of the paper plate. Fill in arrows and other iPad symbols.