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Manage Movie Collection on iPad With My Movies

If you happen to own a large collection of DVDs, a media center Mac/PC, or an Apple TV, you may want to check out My Movies for iPad. This application is for managing a movie collection.

What is My Movies for iPad?

My Movies for iPad allows you to catalog your entire movie collection from our high quality online data service containing data for more than 575,000 DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD titles from various countries. If you have one or more titles that is not in our service, you can report it and it will be created within 48 hours by our staff.

How Does My Movies for iPad Work?

If you would like to evaluate the application, you can install My Movies for iPad Free, which is a freely available identical version with the exception of it being limited to 50 titles, and only 10 items in release and trailer lists.

You can use My Movies for iPad as a standalone product by adding titles by barcode or title searches, use it along with My Movies for iPhone Light or Pro or use it as a companion to our My Movies software packages for Microsoft Windows, allowing you to keep your movie collection synchronized between all devices and clients.

My Movies for iPad requires you to create a user account, or log on to an existing My Movies account to be able to use the program. Your collection will follow your user account through our online servers, allowing you to switch between different clients without ever losing your data. If you log in to an existing My Movies account, your current collection will automatically be synchronized to your iPad, and users of My Movies for iPhone can use it’s batch barcode scanning functionality to quickly add titles and automatically have them synchronized to their iPad.

My Movies is divided up into four sections: Collection, Persons, Releases and Trailers, which can be accessed via the bottom navigation bar. The Collection section, as you may have guessed, is where you can access your saved movies, as well as add movies to your collection. By default, your movies are showcased in thumbnail-sized icons, which are sorted alphabetically; however, you can view your collection in a large format list, small format list and cover flow format. Additionally, you can sort your collection using a total of nine filter options (including running time, release date, parental level).

With My Movies for iPad, you can keep track of movies you own, previously have owned, rented or movies you wish to purchase. Never again will you have to purchase or rent a movie twice. Users of My Movies for Windows Media Center can also use the application to start playback of movies on their Media Center.

Feature List of My Movie for iPad

– Add by barcode search, title search, manual entry or camera scan.
– High quality barcode scanner with multi-scan function.
– Add to different groups (Owned, Wished and more).
– Set purchase details (price, place and more).
– Personalize with location, tags, notes, rating and more.
– Browse with shelf, list or CoverFlow views.
– Detail view with synopsis, full cast list, audio tracks, subtitles and much more.
– Configure listed actors (10, 20, 30 or all).
– Links to IMDB.
– High quality front and back covers.
– Watch trailers.
– Search collection.
– Multiple sort options.
– Advanced filtering.
– Integration with Facebook and Twitter.
– Parental control functions.
– Shake to random select.
– E-mail movie list as TXT or CSV.
– Loan titles to contacts and keep track.
– Online title collection to share with family and friends (http://c.mymovies.dk/demonstration).
– Tabbar badge with title and/or person count.
– Person section with photos, biographies and starring in lists.
– Releases section with upcoming DVD and Blu-ray’s.
– Use same collection on multiple devices with automatic online sync.
– Automatic profile update for latest and most accurate data.
– Remote control for Windows Media Center and Dune players.
– Report missing titles to our staff.
– Report incorrect data to our staff.

What We Think

My Movies is a great tool for managing a movie collection, providing a simple method to add movies by using the multi-scan feature. If you happen to own tens or even hundreds of movies and are looking for a convenient way to manage your movie collection, and keep track of it, you should give My Movies a shot.