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More iPad 2 Details Rumoured: No High-res Screen or SD Slot

More rumoured details of the iPad 2 have surfaced in the run up to the iPad 2 launch on 2 March, and by all accounts it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

According to Engadget sources the higher resolution screen as well as the SD card will not be present in the next-gen Apple device. The main reason being down to certain “engineering issues”, so although vague, it appears that these sources have been correct previously, so it might be worth taking the news with a little more than a pinch of salt.

But enough of the bad news, what about the good? Well come the 2 March, if these rumours prove to be correct, we can expect the iPad 2 to be thinner; receive a bit of a spec increase (although to be fair you’d take that as read, with a next-gen device) along with an increase in RAM to 512MB and a new A5 CPU.

They’ll be cameras aplenty – well, perhaps two – a front facing is pretty much a dead cert, and with any luck they’ll be one round the back.

We’ll also, most likely, be looking at iOS 5, with all new cloud integration; and apart from anything else the new model is bound to be very shiny indeed – very shiny.

If the resolution doesn’t get an increase it’ll be a real shame, but all will become clear on 2 March – and we will keep you posted.