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Netflix Adds HD Video and AirPlay Streaming to iPad and iPhone

Netflix has released a new version of their streaming video software for the iPad and the iPhone. The new 5.0 release is now available for free download from the App Store.


New to this release is support for Netflix HD, higher quality video.  This means Netflix app users can see much higher-quality videos on their smartphones if their Internet quality allows for it. Netflix says it uses what is known as “adaptive streaming” to dynamically adjust the video quality based on available bandwidth. So now if Netflix offers HD streaming of a TV show or movie—you’ll see a little ‘HD’ box in the upper-right corner if it does—you can now enjoy that higher-quality streaming on an iOS device. This should come as particularly welcome news to those with Retina iPads.

Version 5 of the Netflix app has also added support for AirPlay, which lets you stream Netflix TV shows to your Apple TVs.  In the past you could enable AirPlay Mirroring on your iOS device to send Netflix video to your Apple TV. The latest update adds true AirPlay support, with which you can start playing Orange is the New Black, tap the AirPlay icon, and choose an Apple TV to stream to. That also means full playback/audio track/subtitle control, lock screen accessibility, and being able to do other things with your iPad while you stream to your Apple TV.

Netflix is the popular video rental service that has in recent years increasingly become a streaming video service. The company offers thousands of movies and television shows, including originally produced content.