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New Boxee App Streams Video from Social and Computer to iPad

Boxee, one of the many contenders for the media center crown, has just released an iPad app and media manager for streaming video files from a computer and from social networks to the Boxee app.

Looks like Boxee aims to be your one stop content app. It has some more interesting features including what Boxee has dubbed ‘PC to iPad’ and ‘Send to TV’.

The ‘PC to iPad” functionality allows any PC/Mac to stream videos directly to the iPad without any syncing or converting (similar to Air Video or Plex) – this feature is enabled with the new Boxee Media Manager which is a lightweight app that allows the streaming from PCs and Macs.

The ‘Send to TV’ functionality incorporates the ability for the iPad to stream video directly to a Boxee Box. What is even cooler is that the Boxee Box (which is also receiving an update from today) now includes an experimental feature where it can now receive AirPlay streams from any iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch – just like an Apple TV can.

Overall, the new and free Boxee app includes the following features:

  • Social media functions that links your Boxee viewing to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  • The ability to save videos to watch later
  • Streaming from a computer via the media manager
  • The ability to send video from your iPad to the Boxee box connected to a TV.

Now you can download Boxee’s iPad app for free on the App Store.