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New iPads Rumored to Launch in April

Apple surprised everyone last October when the iPad 4 arrived just seven months after the iPad 3. Now the iPad rumor mill continues to heat up. According to iMore, one of the best sources for insider Apple information on the web, the latest iteration of the full-sized iPad 5 could be out as soon as this April and could be joined by a new iPad Mini 2.

The fifth-generation iPad is expected to be smaller than the current iPad but this will be due to a smaller screen bezel (like that found on the iPad Mini) rather than a smaller display. If the full-sized tablet is joined by a new Mini variant it is doubtful that it will sport a high-definition Retina display: production costs for such a screen would push the retail price up by too much and could zap the device’s battery, which due to the Mini’s small size would be difficult to replace with a larger, more powerful version.

Older rumors have suggested a fall release date for a Retina iPad Mini. MacRumors suggests that Apple could end up releasing two iPads based on many of the current rumors. It would also line up with its release schedule from last year, where it launched two new iPads within six months of each other.

Apple appears to be gearing up for a very busy 2013. The company is expected to launch a slew of new devices including these two tablets, along with a low-cost iPhone and the successor to the iPhone 5. One of these devices could end up featuring a larger screen when they are released.