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New VLC 2.0 with New iOS Audio Output

My favorite free, open-source media player just got a major update. VLC Player is now up to version 2. This update includes thousands of big fixes, reworked interfaces, iOS audio output support, and the ability to play Blu-ray discs. Also, it is touted to have a new rendering pipeline for video, with higher quality subtitles, and new video filters to enhance your videos.

I’ve long used VLC as my DVD player since it gives me the ability to play discs from any region and skip the FBI warning and other crap disc makers put in front of the actual content. I’ve also used it convert some video files, but the video support is limited,  I finally get the alternative help from 3rd-party iPad video converters.

Here are some key features of the new VLC media player (VLC 2.0.0):

– New video outputs for Windows 7, Android, iOS and OS/2.

– New audio outputs for iOS, Android and OS/2.

– Experimental support for BluRay discs

– VLC’s web plugins have been rewritten for better integration and stability in all browsers.

– For Mac users, there is completely new, single window interface, which is available in 2 colors – Lion grey and QTX black.

You can download VLC Player 2.0 here. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac (Intel and PowerPC), and Linux.