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Next iPad May Be Called “iPad HD”

We all know Apple is going to be launching the next-generation iPad, that, as of right now, is being called the iPad 3. That name though, may not end up being the final name and it appears that iPad HD has joined the mix as well. With the Retina display all-but a certainty, some sources now suggest the Cupertino’s third tablet installment will be called iPad HD.

It would, of course, make little sense being called the iPad HD since although the resolution of the first two iPads haven’t exactly left us gazing in awe, their 1024 × 768 screens do constitute high-definition viewing. Then again, the HD in the name almost assuredly refers to the Retina Display that is rumored to be on board the next iPad, a display that will supposedly bring quadruple the screen resolution of the iPad 2.

There will be a mixture of excitement and relief once Tim Cook and friends finally take turns to announce each and every detail of the new device on the 7th, whether it be called iPad HD or iPad 3. Finally, the anxious tech world will be able to put to bed the rumors, and concentrate on the finished product, which will likely release a fortnight thereafter. Let’s stay tuned for the next iPad announcement coverage in March,7th.