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Over 120,000 iPad preorders on first day

The Apple iPad went on pre-sale on 12 March, and within six hours it had sold over 91,000 iPads, according to an analyst. It was estimated that each hour approximately 25,000 units were being sold. Most of the sales were of the WiFi only version, with fewer sales of the WiFi and 3G versions.

  • Nearly 120,000 iPads sold. Their math: 124,596 (orders of all Apple products Friday) minus 16,500 (the average number of online orders on a normal day) times 1.11 (the average number of iPads ordered per customer) equals 119,987 iPads.
  • Wi-Fi over Wi-Fi+3G. Customers preferred the cheaper (and available April 3) Wi-Fi-only iPad over the Wi-Fi plus 3G model (due out at the end of April) by roughly two to one.
  • 16, 32 and 64GB iPads are equally popular. Pre-orders were almost evenly split among the 16, 32 and 64 GB models, with a slight preference for the least-expensive 16 GB model, which starts at $499, and the most-expensive 64GB, which starts at $699 and can run as high as $829 (AT&T charges not included).

Estimates of the number of iPads Apple will have manufactured by April range from a high of 1 million to a low of 300,000. But many potential buyers are still holding off, either taking a wait and see approach or not yet convinced that this is a necessary device. But the iPhone had a similar beginning. The question arises: are these the hungry early adopters and Apple ‘fanboys’ or is this an indication of demand that will make the iPod another huge hit for Apple?”

Although there are many different views about whether or not the iPad is going to be as successful as it seemed on the first day, people continue to pre-order the iPad.