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The iPad tablet, in general, means a lot of things, and all of them good.The larger screens, the plethora of apps, and the built-in cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity make iPads ideal for seasoned videographers and newbies alike. Take a look at our favorites in the best video editing apps for iPad to help you shoot, edit, and share your movies!
Apple iMovie
The benchmark video app, iMovie should have a home on every iOS device. For starters it makes it ridiculously easy to splice together footage shot on your iPhone or iPad. …

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You’ve probably been there before;your iPad Air freezes up in the middle of browsing Twitter or playing a game and you can’t do anything to get it working again. You may also have been suffering random reboots to the Apple logo. This can happen in an app or when closing app and it doesn’t seem to have a consistent cause. The Home button and the touchscreen are unresponsive when it freezes or crashes. Most likely, you probably just let the battery die, recharged it, and then powered it up again …

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Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV.  With Chromecast, you can push any content in your Chrome browser to your TV screen, such as webpage, newpaperarticles etc.. Literally speaking, almost  anything you can access on a web browser can be displayed on your TV. Now Chromecast can cast movies and music from 17 most popular online streaming service providers popular online streaming service providers.

Chromecast is great, however,  it can’t play local media! Wondershare on last week announced its latest software release, DreamStream, an …

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The well-connected KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo released his predictions and research notes for Apple’s 2014 product roadmap today and, according to sources for Kuo, Apple will introduce new iPad Air and iPad mini models later this year. Kuo also says that prices for the current lineup of tablets will drop over the course of the year while Apple pushes a larger 12.9-inch tablet in 2015.

Here’s an overview of the stack of predictions Kuo cited in his report, according to MacRumors.
iPad Air 2
A so-called iPad Air 2 will reportedly …

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Content you’ve purchased or installed for free from the App Store and iTunes on your iPad might not be transferred automatically to the iTunes library on your iPhone. To make sure all of your media and apps are properly backed up, you can transfer purchases manually before backing up and syncing your iPad. Here are some tips on how to transfer iTunes purchases from iPad to iPhone or other iDevice.
How to Transfer iPad Purchases to iPhone or iPod with iTunes
To share your new iPad iTunes purchases, you need to authorize …

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iOS 7 brings a major overhaul to Apple’s mobile operating system and as such, installing it on the iPhone or iPad requires a major upgrade. However, even a well-engineered upgrade can sometimes fail and may lead to data loss. It is therefore important to take time and back up information and settings right before upgrading to iOS 7. If for any reason you do not have the data on the iDevice after upgrading to iOS 7, take a look at the below tips on how to restore iPhone or iPad …