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PhotoPal: Powerful Yet Easy to Use iPad Photo Editor

PhotoPal, on sale for US $0.99 until December 20th, is aimed at the novice photographer who wants to do some pretty serious editing of images on the iPad. Fortunately, Apple’s tablet is well suited to this kind of work, simply because of the larger screen. The downside is that without a camera, the only photos to edit on the iPad are those that you download or sync to the device.

That said, PhotoPal has a lot of nice and easy to use features. This latest version adds a red eye removal tool, a spot healing tool, and clear, detailed help. The app contains the kinds of things you expect in a photo editing program, including level adjustment, color temperature, hue/saturation, shadows and color balance. It also has some higher end features like shadow detail, noise removal, sharpening and gamma adjustment.

There is also a nice option that lets you save your images to, or import them from, a folder that is visible in iTunes when your iPad is connected to your Mac. Of course, you can also open your iPad photo albums, or take a picture in via the clipboard. Your finished images can be saved to the iPad, or sent via email, Twitter, Flickr or Facebook.