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Pixel Density: New iPad Vs iPad 2

One of the main disadvantages of technology is obsolescence. Just the other day, the discovery of iPad 2 hit the headlines due to the many features and quality display it had. Recently, the discovery of the new iPad has even made things better due to its increased features. It has all the features of the ipad 2 and better display. One of the most important features of the new ipad is its pixel density. The higher the pixel density, the better the display of a device. The main feature of the new pad compared to the ipad 2 is the quality display of graphics. The new ipad is a third generation device that is characterized as a display device that has a resolution of about 2048×1536 pixels – this is four times more than the previous generations of ipads that have been produced. While using the new ipad, one can even judge his/her neighbor screen due to high resolution camera. Compared to HD laptops, the new ipad is still better; Better display, Higher pixel density, Movable screen unlike laptops which have stationary monitors

The previous generations of ipads have different disadvantages due to their low pixel densities.  One of the major problems of ipad 2 that the new ipad addresses is the issue of resolution. Ipad 2 has a bearable pixel density but due to its low resolution; users had to hold it close to their eyes so as to be able to see whatever they are doing. With the discovery of the new ipad, the problem of resolution has been able to be addressed.

Due to their retina display, the new ipad is quite superior compared to other competitors’ products. For the period that the new ipad has been in market, it has reached its optimum selling point due to its screen. When texts or pictures in the device are magnified, the quality of the texts or picture magnified is quite high and can be seen vividly. Some of the features that increase the demand of the new ipads in the market are; Movable screen, High resolution, Fairly affordable prices. Their pixel density is quite high compared to the previous ones. With the discovery of the third generation ipads, it is now common to see a tablet in the hands of reporters, reviewers of publications and blogs etc.

Apart from the many benefits that the new ipads have, there is one demerit that many customers have complained about. Major concern is the problem of overheating in the new ipads. The following are some of the reasons why ipad heat overheat: Big battery, their retina displays which increase pixel count. They use 4G LTE chips that are power hungry.

One thing to note is that from different researches conducted, it has been proven that the overheating is no cause for alarm.

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