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Quick Tip: Add Video to iPad Keynote

iPad Keynote allows you create a stunning presentation and share it with your audience easily. In some cases you might need to add your own videos to vivid your presentation. Before you can add your own videos, you must first make them available on your iPad by syncing with iTunes.

To add a video to a Keynote slide, follow these steps:

Part 1: Import the video to iPad

If the video is compatible with iPad, you can sync the video to iPad very easily. Since not all video formats work with the iPad, you need to convert video so it works.  The best iPad video converters we reviewed and selected offer optimized preset for iPad so you don’t need to worry about the settings.

1. Add AVI files to iPad Video Converter
2. Select iPad preset from format list
3. Hit convert to start video to iPad conversion
4. Import output files to iTunes and sync it to iPad, that’s done.

Part 2: Add the video to the keynote slide

1. Tap the Media window icon  at the top-right of the display:
2. When the Photo Albums page opens, tap Media.
3. Tap the Photo album that contains your video.
4. Tap the video thumbnail you want.
5. Then tap Use. The video and its audio track will play automatically when the slide is played by tapping the play icon.

That’s it! Adding a video to iPad Keynote is very easy once you know how. Just follow the steps and start creating your stunning presentation now!

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  • Luis said:

    What if my videos are in the Videos app on my ipad? I don’t even know how to add videos to the Photos app.

  • Dude said:

    Same as other comment. My videos are going straight to my videos. How can I put them in my photos?

  • Aidan said:

    I had the same problem, here’s the solution…

    1. Drag your video to the iPhoto folder in your pictures folder
    (You can find this in Mac HD, then your user account)
    2. Sync with iPad
    3. Tap the Media window icon at the top-right of the display
    4. When the Photo Albums page opens, tap Media
    5. Tap the Photo album that contains your video

    Good luck with your presentation!

  • iPaul said:

    When you sync your iPad under photo there is a little check for include video. Put your converted video into a photo folder and check to include videos and they will appear in that folder.

  • Chris said:

    I did this, and it worked the first couple of times. Then when I would sync the photos with video included tab checked, itunes would give error and close. I removed the videos from the folder, and it would work again. I google searched this error, and appears it is common. Now it has not worked since, and gives the error message.

  • Fernando said:

    What of. I already have many presentations in PowerPoint with avi vídeos and want to present it using iPad Keynote . Is it possible?

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