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Rdio Launches Vdio Social Movie and TV Service for iPad

There are lots of streaming music services and one of the top favorites is Rdio. Now you can also enjoy watching movies and TV shows on your iPad that Rdio was launching Vdio social video streaming service recently.

Vdio is a pay-per-view service available currently through your computer web browser and an iPad application. Unlike its sister program’s “all you can eat” subscription model. The service builds off Rdio’s social focus with Sets, playlists for TV shows and movies that make it easy to share and discover new content to watch. Furthering the social theme of the service is the ability to check out what your friends are watching at a given moment and jump into the program with them.

A service is only as strong as its content, but Vdio features most of the latest releases from the big screen to network television. Current titles range from movies such as Zero Dark Thirty to The Hobbit and Skyfall, while popular television programs such as Breaking Bad, Homeland and Downton Abbey make up the broadcast front. TV shows are available to stream the day after they air, and subscribing to a whole season provides a discounted price. The service doesn’t have a deal worked out with HBO, meaning you’ll have to look elsewhere to catch up on Game of Thrones.

Within Vdio, you can watch a movie or TV show based on a rental or purchase basis and, since you’re already a premium Rdio user at this point, you use your Rdio account’s credit card to pay for them. This is another enormous benefit of Vdio, as the barrier to purchasing entry is much lower than a service without any payment path up front. The pricing seems roughly equivalent to other services like iTunes at around $14.99 for purchase and $15-$50 for a season of TV (which is perhaps a bit cheaper).

You can like a movie or add it to lists (which Vdio calls Sets) including favorites, ‘watch later’ or a custom one. If you create a custom list, you’re able to make it collaborative, meaning that other users can contribute to it. You’re able to limit that by just users you follow or open it up to everyone to add to. Once again, these kinds of features are really what Vdio has to offer in comparison to other services like iTunes, which has struggled with social components (see the failed Ping) over the past couple of years. The content is fairly well represented across most of the major movie studios and TV networks.

Vdio is trying to differentiate itself from other video services by focusing on the discoverability of content. They have Sets, playlists for TV shows and movies so you can share these with others and discover content via social interactions. Vdio (Free, iPad) is a brand new way to watch movies, and TV shows while connecting with others, and it’s just getting started. Also, Vdio is only available to Rdio Unlimited subscribers at first launch, but those that are unlimited subscribers get a $25 Vdio credit, and a wider roll out is coming soon.