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Report: iPad to Rule Tablet Market Through 2012

Apple’s reign as king of the tablet market should stay strong for at least the next couple of years, says a new report from iSuppli.

Though a variety of tech players have been cooking up their own tablet devices, no true competitor is likely to surface until next year, giving Apple a dominant share of the market through 2012 if not further, according to iSuppli.

iSuppli says that the iPad  accounts for 74.1 percent of tablet shipments in 2010, and that during 2011, it will account for 70.4 percent of all tablet shipments. In 2012, Apple is expected to ship 61.7 percent of all tablet computers.

iSuppli’s director of monitor research, Rhoda Alexander, had this to say about the figures: “Although the iPad has been on the market for only a few months, powerful interests throughout the technology business are devoting enormous resources to challenge and topple Apple’s domination in this fast-growing marketplace. However, if recent history is any lesson, it will take some time for these companies to get their products to market, longer for them to offer necessary software support and infrastructure, and an even lengthier period to begin to rival the overall user experience Apple is able to deliver.”