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Apple to Unveil iPad 2 on March 2

Apple could announce the next-generation iPad as early as next week, according to a report today.

AllThingsD hears from “multiple sources” that Apple is planning on holding a media event next Wednesday, March 2, to introduce the iPad 2. The event will take place in San Francisco.

While the official specs of the iPad 2 have yet to be released, there has been plenty of speculation on the Internet.  The common rumors revolve around the new device having two cameras, an SD card slot, and higher screen resolution. Other reports say that the screen resolution will be the same. It appears that all of these questions will be answered next week.

We’ll be watching the details of this announcement closely to see what Apple is doing to improve the tablet experience and to differentiate themselves from their newfound competition.

[Update] It looks like both the New York Times and Reuters are now confirming this date.