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Rumor: iPad Second Generation with 7-inch Screen

Now that news related to the iPhone 4 launch has cooled down, iPad rumors are heating up. The latest suggest a speedier and possibly smaller-screened tablet device from Apple as early as January.

Reporting from Taipei, Digitimes Research claims to have the drop on Apple’s first revision to the wildly successful iPad. Electronics components supplier companies admitted receiving many touchscreen order which allegedly will complement the iPad. According to the report, Apple will release a 7-inch version of the iPad to complement the current 9.7-inch screen. The smaller screen will maintain the 1,024×768 resolution currently found on the first-generation iPad. Interestingly, the report also claims Apple will beef up the speed of the iPad by swapping the Apple-built A4 processor with a Cortex-A9 and replacing the 256MB of RAM with the same 512MB currently found in the iPhone 4.

Though not specifically mentioned in by Digitimes, one wonders if Retina Display technology will be used in new iPads. The devices currently only boast a pixel density of 132 ppi (compared with the sultry 326 ppi included on the iPhone 4).

The best part? You may be able to swipe your fingers across one in the first quarter of 2011.