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Siri for iPad with iOS 6 Update

We’ve heard that Siri would be coming to the iPad before, but now it’s TRUE.  As part of its announcement of iOS 6 in WWDC 2012 recently, Apple showed off Siri will grace the new iPad.

Not only does the iPad get Siri, but it gets an enhanced Siri. As part of the iOS 6 update, Apple has enhanced Siri to do more from looking up sports stats to getting resteraunt information from Yelp or OpenTable. It can even launch apps or tweet whatever is on your mind.

Under iOS 6, Siri will support a number of new countries and languages, and will support a new feature called Eyes Free, in which Apple has partnered with a number of auto manufacturers—including BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler, and Honda—to include a steering wheel-mounted button that activates Siri without so much as lighting up the iPhone’s screen.

The new version of iOS will also be integrated with Facebook, which will open up an easier process for logging into apps. It also means you’ll have an easier time bringing your friends with you to the various apps on your iPad.