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Siri for iPad?

Siri is a voice-activated app that works with the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 to allow users to take action on their iPhone by speaking. Siri can understand not just basic commands, but also the colloquialisms that are common to human speech. Siri can both speak back to the user and take dictation–transcribing voice to text.

So will it be available for iPad?

Let’s hear what people say:

  • Siri is still in beta, so maybe it will come out later on the iPad. Also I can see this coming to Macs in the future. Could be the start of something big!
  • SIRI, needs 1gb of ram to operate correctly. Only iPhone 4S has the specs as of now. iPad 3 will be capable.. I hope.
  • I am very much certain that Apple will integrate Siri in future devices like the iPad 3 as well. And because the voice recognition was put to the cloud I hardly beleve one needs a 4S or iPad3 to compute Siri.
  • I think Siri on the iPad would be huge, and it’s just a matter of time until it comes. If it’s not available as a software update it’ll probably be included in the iPad 3, or 2S, or whatever it’s called.

How do we think?

While the iPhone is much more of a consumer device, people approach iPads for business, education, and productivity purposes. Given that Siri can read messages aloud and interact with its user, the technology, when paired with iPad, has incredible potential for education. Siri could even aid people and children with learning disabilities like never before. Beyond the classroom, Siri for iPad can be an assistant for professional settings, too. With more applications, functions, and a bigger screen that appeals to audiences on the younger and older side of the spectrum, Siri could definitely benefit from the iPad.

Though the iPad 2 may have a souped-up processor, Apple has never marketed its voice control handsfree features to the iPad. But if Apple were planning on integrating it with iOS 5 and not making it simply an iPhone 4S feature, they would have no doubt announced it at the event.

More than likely, the iPad 2 simply can’t handle Siri. The iPhone 4S shares the same processor as the iPad 2, but there was no word on how much memory it would have available for applications. The iPad 2 has 512 MB. The iPhone 4S could have 1 GB, with the extra bit of memory giving it the power to run a more fully-functional version of Siri.

If so, we can expect to see Siri support added with the next generation iPad early next year, let’s wait and hope it’s more cool.