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Stream Movies to an iPad or iPad 2

While the iPad or the new iPad 2 is a great device for watching movies and videos, one feature that it’s missing is the ability to stream video and movies to it from an iTunes library on your computer. Although Apple hasn’t made a way to stream content from your computer to your iPad and iPad 2, there are several ways to accomplish such a feat.

Stream movies to iPad/iPad 2 with 3rd-party iPad video converters

For starters, you can use the best DVD to iPad converter and best iPad video converter software. With the built-in iPad presets, you can easily convert your local video or DVD movies to iPad-compatible formats.

Once you’ve got the files converted, there’s the issue of getting them onto your iPad or iPad 2. Most people I’ve talked to put their videos in a special folder and use the “Add file [or folder] to library” function in iTunes to get these files into the “Movies” section of the app. I prefer to put videos in the same directories as photos. Then, if you have your Tunes configuration for your iPad set to monitor these photo directories, it’ll pick up properly encoded videos and display them in your photo viewer on the iPad (and not in the “Videos” app).

Stream movies to iPad/iPad 2 with InMethod Air Video app

If you want to enjoy viewing movies on your iPad yet still manage to save as much hard drive space as possible then Air Video is an easy to use and affordable solution. Why waste storage space if you don’t have to? With this app you can stream movies either from an online or local PC.

Air Video also supports TV output and subtitles. In order to send video to your TV all you need is a Dock Connector to VGA Adaptor which only costs $29 and provides a clear streaming 1024×768 resolution.

At this time due to DRM restrictions you won’t be able to stream any movies purchased from the iTunes store. Music videos, Podcasts and any DRM-free videos will stream just fine though.

In order to stream movies to iPad using this app you simply need to run Air Video Server on your Mac or PC, and you’ll be up and running in no time!

Click here for Air Video at iTunes.