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The world’s biggest tech giants are gearing up to do battle with each other this year, with Apple and Samsung manufacturers releasing their  most powerful tablet devices yet. At the moment, we’re excited about the two companies’ next tablets: iPad 3 and Galaxy Tab 2,which we should be seeing sooner.The Galaxy Tab 2 has become official and iPad 3 hasn’t been announced. But that’s the way it goes in the world of technology. So how do the iPad 3 and the Galaxy Tab 2 match up?

iPad 3 vs Galaxy Tab …

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Since Samsung had unveiled its 7” tablet Galaxy Tab on the IFA 2010, Apple’s thus-far-unchallenged iPad is now facing a competitor. There are lot of general reviews that list pros and cons for Samsung Galaxy Tab. Here in this passage let’s focus on something specific, the video playing back on Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple’s iPad.

Pros and Cons of video entertainment on Galaxy Tab and iPad
1. Movies on Galaxy Tab vs on iPad: which one supports wider ranger of …

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While Apple’s iPad may have started the trend of affordable, exciting consumer-centric tablet computers, it’s far from the only model on the market. With the iPad’s success, lots of competitors – from those running the BlackBerry OS to Android – are hitting the scene.
The first question is, of course, how do they stack? Well, this chart compares the iPad to some of its leading tablet competitors so you can see in one glance how their hardware and features stack up.
iPad vs. PlayBook vs. Galaxy Tab …