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Used every day by millions of people, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Metacafe, DailyMotion became the way of sharing video content, personal experiences, news and entertainment content. There are moments when you want to download videos such as music videoclips, news, tutorials, cartoons, documentaries and/or even (old) good movies to view offline on iPad/iPhone/iPod.
Why? Because they might be removed from online video sites or you want your favorite collection of videos with you when you are offline: on the beach on a remote island, or when flying. Now, how to do that? …

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Netflix vs Hulu Plus: Which Has Better Movie Streaming for the iPad

Netflix vs Hulu – the age old question of which has the better streaming service for the iPad. Well, let’s weigh the pros and cons across a number of categories and see who comes up a winner.

Video Quality
Netflix is taking strides in offering “Super HD” 1080p streams in addition to 3D streams for subscribers with 3D capable televisions. However, availability of a 1080p stream is dependent on the speed of the subscriber’s Internet connection as well as participation in the Open Connect platform at the ISP level.
Alternatively, Hulu Plus subscribers are …

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It’s been a long time since we’ve last seen any sort of major update to Hulu Plus’s iPad app. And thankfully, the latest version 3.0 of Hulu Plus, recently updates its iPad offering, with what the company calls an entirely new experience for your tablet.

The new version 3.0 includes a discovery panel that displays more details about episodes, shows, and seasons with a tap. It lets you find out more about an unfamiliar show with a single tap, pointing you towards the first, next or latest episode to watch, according …

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After endless development and lobbying from fans around the world, the BBC has finally opened up an international version of the iPlayer — its smash hit video-on-demand service. As of today, users in eleven European countries will be able to download the iPlayer app and pay for access to a library of popular shows. Notable territories on this first launch are Germany, France, Italy and Spain, but the corporation hopes to roll out soon in America and elsewhere.

The iPlayer app is free, but to …

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Hulu has finally announced their long-rumored subscription service:  Hulu Plus. For US$9.99 per month, you’ll get you ad-supported access to the full current seasons of most shows and full back seasons of select shows. More importantly, the brand new Hulu Plus apps for the iPad will bring the television to you. This provides access to thousands of streaming television shows including complete seasons and historic reruns from the 80s and 90s. Users can sign up for the invitation only phase and the Hulu iPad …