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Will the iPad 3 sport a Retina Display? Every iPad fan out there wants the anticipated iPad 3 to be released with a Retina Display. Apple has also built a lot into marketing this display technology. It however just won’t be possible at this time for the iPad 3.
According to DisplayMate a true Retina Display would require a significant increase in processing power and battery power. An addition of the Retina Display would mean the end of the 10 hour battery life that the two …

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3D has already begun making its way into a handful of consumer gadgets, notably Nintendo’s 3DS, which offers glasses-free 3D viewing. With RIM’s recent underwhelming, glasses-required 3D demonstration for the BlackBerry PlayBook, it’s clear everyone has a touch of the 3D bug. Now recently RCR Wireless claims to have multiple sources telling it that Apple is planning on incorporating 3D technology into the next-generation iPad.
“The fact that the iPad 3 is 3D is a dead cert”, one Hollywood insider close to the big movie studios told RCR, adding that the …

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We started to hear hoax news on iPad 2 from the mid of 2010. All these days we came across several specifications and features for iPad 2. And finally, Wall Street Journal came with a report that iPad 2 is in production stage. According to them, Apple is preparing a faster, thinner and lighter iPad as the second generation.
But, on Thursday, Feb 10, Silicon Valley was busy with rumors on iPad 3. It spread like a wildfire on web, making it an hot …