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There are many people who use their iPad Mini to download and watch movies, short clips and videos which they have recorded. Some are even looking for ways to share their movies, games and clips on a much larger screen. How about an iPad Mini projector? Here is a brief list of three of the best and most popular iPad Mini projectors available.

3M Mobile Projector
3M has a simple solution in the MP220 mobile projector, a powerful and inexpensive projector that was made to work with iOS devices.The Mobile Projector can …

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The capabilities of the iPad Mini are vast, and one great feature to take advantage of is the superior screen quality, the iPad Mini has the great resolution, which makes watching movies on the iPad Mini a real pleasure. That said, there are literally hundreds of iPad docking stations but surprisingly few are capable of horizonal viewing. To save you the hours of research we’ve done the legwork for you and here we have the top iPad Mini docking stations for movie viewing for a range of budgets and requirements.

Jarre AeroPad …

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So you just dropped a bunch of cash on a shiny new iPad 2. All you want to do now is spend a little quality time getting to know your new device. But no, you’ve got more shopping to do. You need to accessorize!
Here are top 5 must-have iPad 2 accessories, some practical, some, shall we say, whimsical, to get you back in the shopping mood.  You may also see 5 Must-have Apps for Your iPad 2
Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover

Apple’s own Smart Cover makes the iPad do …

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While you’re waiting for your iPad you can stock up on all the new accouterments you’re going to need. Like the new Boa Skin XS bag from booq! “Designed specifically for the iPad, Boa skin XS bag gives today’s creative professional stylish options to protect their new gear.” 

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Apple has delayed the shipment dates of three iPad accessories, including the Keyboard Dock and the 10W USB power adapter. Both of them will not ship along with the iPad on April 3 but about a month later in May. The third accessory to be affected is the iPad case, which will arrive sometime during April. The regular dock and the dock connector to VGA adapter are the only accessories that will be available on launch day. There has been …

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A number of accessory makers are already producing gear for the iPad, even though few if any have had hands-on experience with the device, says the Wall Street Journal. One of the earliest examples may be Trexta, which during this month’s Macworld expo was already demonstrating a prototype case meant to ease typing. Many companies intend to have accessories ready within days or weeks of the iPad launch.