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Apple iOS 4.2 is finally here.  After months of waiting for multi-tasking, an unified e-mail inbox, new business-friendly security features, AirPrint wireless printing and AirPlay wireless media streaming, iPad users can finally update their tablets for FREE.
Pros: Adds multi-tasking, folders, wireless printing, and business-friendly features. Free.
Cons: Still lacks Flash support. Confusing Safari Web page search labeling. AirPlay only streams audio from Web video.
Once you’ve downloaded the new update, meaning your iPad leaps from iOS 3.2 to iOS 4.2, the first thing you’ll notice is that it …

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Apple iOS 4.2 Ramps More iPads Production

Apple has released a dedicated page on apple.com detailing some of the features of the forthcoming iOS 4.2 update that will unify the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad operating systems. The page highlights some of the most coveted features of iOS 4 (currently only running on iPhone and iPod touch) that will finally debut on iPad, including:

Multitasking. A simple double-tap of the home button brings up a quick-switch interface allowing users to easily jump back to recently used Apps. Multitasking also allows for Apps like Pandora …

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iPad owners: Are you feeling left out by all the iOS 4.1 love on the iPhone 4 and the new iPod Touch? Don’t worry, you’re being remembered. Unfortunately, you still won’t get multitasking till November.
The much anticipated release of iOS 4 for the iPad will come later this year as part of Apple’s iOS 4.2 upgrade. During Apple’s music event, Steve Jobs gave a brief preview of iOS 4.2, the iOS update that will finally bring the iPad up to speed. In November, the update will finally bring the …

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Apple has scheduled a special media event for September 1. While the exact details of what will be announced are still a closely guarded secret, most experts speculate that Apple will roll out their latest lineup of iPods and if you’re an Apple follower, you might also be asking yourself if this could be the date it releases iOS 4 for the iPad?
During Apple’s most recent special event this past April, Steve Jobs informed the audience that they “we’re bringing iPhone OS4 to the iPad this Fall.” Fall …

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Erroneous reports have surfaced that Apple plans to charge existing iPad owners for the next major operating system upgrade. iPad users have been anxiously waiting for iOS 4 on their devices, which Apple plans to release this fall. The company shipped iPads running iPhone OS 3.2 this spring and specifically stated that iOS 4 would be free.
When asked about the current rumors of a firmware charge Apple of course has no comment, since the question is based on speculation. The fact …

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Even if you aren’t upgrading to the new iPhone 4, you might be getting a nice little treat today. Apple is releasing iOS 4, a much anticipated upgrade to the iPhone operating system that includes the ability to cut down on screen clutter by creating folders for your apps and a limited form of multitasking. The new version of iOS is fully compatible with the iPhone 3GS and the 3rd generation of the iPod Touch. It also has …