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iTunes won’t transfer a few episodes of my favorite videos onto my iPad, even though I have enough free space. What might be the problem?
It’s likely that the file is too high-resolution, perhaps because it was created for an Apple TV. An iPad wants to play files that are in pretty specific video formats. iTunes will recognize and play video files outside those specs, so sometimes you’ll wind up with a file in your library that will play just fine within iTunes on your Mac but stubbornly refuse to sync …

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By now, as an Apple head, you must be having tons of videos in your iPad device. You play these little clips on your iPad. What if you want to rip these videos to a DVD or encode it to your hard drive for full time usage?
Here are the available options:
• Encode your videos for the least capable devices so that you never want to encode for them again.
• OR, you can go for a “more-than-once” encode option.
Encode once
The Apple video camp is broken down into two different categories. …

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The iPad is an excellent device for watching movie videos. The question is: What is the good iPad video compression settings for the iPad’s display?
Digging around for trying to find the best balance of size, quality,  compression settings and compatibility for iPad to is just a pain. I’ve summarized my options here for you (and skipped all the lengthy explanations).
When converting / compressing videos, I use Aiseesoft iPad Converter Suite – it’s an excellent piece of software to help you get good quality video from your DVD …