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The release of the iPhone 5S, which is capable of connecting to 4G LTE networks, finally gives the smartphone enough bandwidth to compete with the speed of many home wireless networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. And best of all, Verizon’s iPhone 5 comes with a free hotspot feature, which allows you to tether your iPad to your iPhone 5 to use its Internet connection. Here’s how to connect an iPad to an iPhone via bluetooth tethering.

Step 1
Tap “Settings” on the iPhone, then tap “General.”
Step 2
Tap “Cellular” and touch “Personal Hotspot.” On …

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Apple loves to show off its products in extraordinary situations, but even Cupertino couldn’t predict some of the real-life uses for its tablet lineup.
‘Tis the holiday season, a new promo page dubbed “Life in iPad” highlights iPad users from around the world to show us that the tablet is good for a lot more than just playing games and checking e-mail. The video takes us on a tour of the iPad at work, showing its adoption by a wind turbine technician, a farm worker, a professional speedskater, an underwater sea …

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday make up part of the busiest shopping weekend in the US and iPads, iPad software, iPad accessories and iPad apps are going to be hot items this holiday weekend.  Here we’ll be bringing you the latest Apple iPad deals for both Black Friday 2013 and Cyber Monday 2013 throughout the week.

iPad device Black Friday 2013 deals
Apple has confirmed that it will be offering Black Friday deals in the online store as well as in retail stores. Apple hasn’t revealed what the savings will be, but last …

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Thanksgiving 2013 is just around the corner and, you guessed it: there’s an app for that. The iPad sports a ton of great free cooking and recipe apps that will help you get new ideas for dishes, or spice up old ones, that will please everyone around the table this year.
Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
The Epicurious app (Free) has an entire section devoted to Thanksgiving recipes, including winners like Adobo Turkey with Red-Chile Gravy. This unique turkey recipe features an adobo sauce made with guajillo and ancho chiles, and a …

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User Eric sent us a question below.
I want to limit the max volume of the internal iPad speaker.The volume control switch allows my kids turn the volume all the way up. I would like a password protected way to limit the max volume setting of the internal iPad speaker. Can this be done?
Sure, listening to your iPad at a reasonable volume is important. Here are two quick tips to counteract the concerns of parents or for that matter anyone who has an interest in protecting one’s hearing.
Set a Volume Limit
The first …

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This year’s tablet derby entries are at the starting gate, because some of the big players (Microsoft and Google have decided to field their own tablet entrants. We are not sure if that Microsoft’s Surface or Google Nexus 7 is necessarily a direct competitor with the Apple iPad, but they are three tablets fighting for market share and you might want to know the spec difference between them, which is why we’ve put this article together.
Surface for Windows RT

OS: Windows RT (aka, Windows on ARM)
Display: 10.6-inch HD Display.
Chip: Nvidia Tegra.
Weight: …

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Using Your New iPad

Apple’s third generation iPad, called simple the New iPad is here. Apple unveiled a new version of its hit tablet on March 7,2012. It features a 2048×1536 double density Retina display, 1080p HD video recording, a faster Apple A5X chipset with dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU, an optional 4G internet connect and a supersharp HD display. It has a a 5-megapixel camera, representing a significant leap from the current iPad’s so-so lens. While there was no Siri, Apple’s artificially intelligent, voice controlled assistant, the new iPad did get Dictation for …

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If you’ve ever wanted to copy, email, or delete multiple photos from your iPad or other iOS device, you may have been frustrated by having to tap, tap, tap on each and every photo that you wanted to select. This becomes very tedious if you have more than just a handful of photos to select. Fortunately, here’s a neat little iPad tip that I spotted over at Mac OS X Hints these days. It’s a slick alternative way to select multiple photos in the iPad photo library, so you can …

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It’s holiday season. Maybe you’ve got a travel planned, a long drive ahead and need to keep the kids occupied, or you just have a long train ride to work every day. We’re going to show you different ways you canmaximaize all sorts of entertainment on your iPad this holiday.

Instapaper. This is one of our top iPad apps. Instapaper is a way to save web pages to be read later, and presents them to you in a nice, easy to read layout. You can …

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User Nixie sent us a question:
I just bought the awesome iMovie for my iPad 2. Now I want to be able to import videos that I captured on my iPhone 4 into iMovie on the iPad and edit them there. How can I do this? Love, thank you.

Well,  if you’re anything like him that you’ve got iMovie on your iPad and you’re keen to start editing your iPhone videos on it, you may be thinking about which are the best ways to get videos shot on your …