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iTunes 10.6 now offers 1080p downloads – BAZINGA! Now in full 1080p HD movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store. Previously all iTunes video was available in SD and 720p. Better still, 1080p content comes at no extra cost- But if you want to enjoy all the High Definition pixels you need to ask for them for your iPad device.
The new iPad introduces 1080p video, which is the highest quality. But if you are downloading 1080P HD video files from iTunes to play back on the 1st gen iPad …

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Apple’s new iPad has been unveiled. That’s right, no iPad 3, no iPad HD. Not yet. Just the New iPad.

The New iPad’s biggest improvement is in the display—a Retina display, similar to what’s on the iPhone 4S, but with a 2048 x 1539 pixel resolution. That’s a higher resolution than on a 1080p TV. Yes, the 120 inch home theater screen in your basement powered by a $10,000 projector puts out less pixels than the New iPad.
The New iPad also comes with a greatly improved rear-panel iSight camera (also similar …