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Teachers First to Use iPad in Classroom

iPads for high school students? Yes.  The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that Monte Vista Christian School first to use Apple iPads in classroom and has 60 iPads ready to serve advanced placement students with e-books instead of the clunky old paper variety. The pilot project may expand to more students if all goes well.

Teachers love the ability to get definitions of words with a click, and the access to video and newspapers. In some classes, students are using the iPads for anatomy demonstrations.

The paper says English teacher Marcus Schwager is excited to show students how to look up obscure words in Shakespeare and get the proper pronunciations.

While the school is among the first to explore the iPad as an educational resource, it surely won’t be the last. To smooth the way, Apple has provided a US$50 discount on the iPads, and it has a program to train teachers in how to use them.