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The Best iPad Gaming Gifts

While the iPad started out as a dedicated tablet, with the introduction of the iOS and games to the App Store, theĀ  iPad has become some the world’s leading video game systems. We all have video gamers on our gift lists this holiday season. These are best iPad gaming gift options that will keep them entertained for the coming year.

1. iPad

With its big screen, motion controls, and access to the 250,000-plus apps at the App Store, the iPad is a terrific mobile gaming platform. It’s less portable than the iPod touch, but if your gamer likes watching movies on the go or reading eBooks, the iPad could be the right gift for them.

2. Games

If you’re looking for a more affordable gift, consider giving games from the Apple App Store. Most cost between US$1 and $15. If you want your holiday gift to be a surprise, though, print out the gift information and give it, that rather than sending it via email.

3. Game Controllers

While the combination of the multi-touch screen and sensors built into the iPad and iPod touch offer great controls, accessory manufacturers have developed add ons to assist gamers. If you’ve seen any video game console controllers – and you can bet your recipient has – these will look familiar. Gamers who demand high performance may appreciate these.

4. iTunes Gift Card

If you prefer to let your gift recipients choose their own games to buy, an iTunes Gift Card is the way to do it. Load it up with from US$15-$100 to keep your gamer happy for weeks or months to come.