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The Best Movie Showtime App for iPad Mini

All of the following movie showtime apps will allow you to get movie listings by theater or by movie. You get a description of the movie, rating, and length. You can find showtimes, watch trailers, buy tickets map the movie theater of your choice. What the heck, these best movie showtime apps for iPad mini are FREE.

Moviefone Movies for iPad (Free) app has truly become one of the top movie discovery and information apps in the App Store. You can browse by theater or by movie. Sort movies alphabetically, by release date, or by MPAA rating. You can also purchase tickets right from the app, if your theater offers that. You can watch trailers, read the latest Hollywood news. Invite your friends to join you at the movies via SMS or Facebook within the app.

Movies by Flixster (Free) is an extremely comprehensive app. You get listings based on your location plus a ton of other stuff. You can easily watch trailers for any movie. You can also check out when a movie is coming to DVD and connect to social networks and share reviews. When you’ve chosen a movie and you’re heading to the theater you can find nearby restaurants so you can grab something to eat before or after the show. Flixster can do a lot and it’s fast.

Showtime Anytime for iPad (Free) is a decent app for movie showtimes. It provides mobile access to more than 400 hours of the network’s content. You can watch Showtime’s original programming, including its TV series, movies, sports and documentaries anywhere there’s an Internet connection.The app offers a “My List” feature that enables subscribers to create personalized lists of programs to watch. Users can automatically add new episodes of Showtime series to their viewing list. The app also supports play shifting, a feature that allows viewers to switch devices and save their place.

Fandango (Free) does have some cool features not offered in other apps. You have the option of opening a Fandango account, which allows you to purchase your tickets right from your tablet (if available at your theater). In addition to the typical features, you get a GoNow option: it shows you which movies are starting soon within 15 miles (of current location or location of your choice), sorted by distance or time.

So Which Movie Showtime App is Best in Best?
For the most features packed into a single app, you’ll want Flixster or Showtime Anytime. But please note that to use Showtime Anytime app, you must have a subscription to the channel through AT&T Uverse or Verizon FiOS. The Flixster and Fandango app are built-in large number of ads, both pop-up and banner style. So for my purposes, Moviefone strikes the right balance between features, speed, and convenience.