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The New Easter Movie “Hop” on iPad

You may know the new movie to release on this Friday named Hop. The movie reminds us of Easter and we’re so glad they come out with a new movie pertaining to spring,and Easter. The colors look bright and welcoming. Easter has always been our favorite holiday in both senses. Bibical and Easter Bunny. But this movie just looks light hearted and a whole round family movie to see. You probably wait til after Easter to see it cause of families taking the kids and crowds, and you also plan on seeing it on your new iPad 2 : ) Well, this article introduces you the newly hot Easter movie-Hop and the tips to get the movie on iPad.

Hop(2011)  Summary

E.B., the teenage son of the Easter Bunny, is the heir apparent to his father’s job. However, in order to pursue the dream of becoming a drummer, he leaves Easter Island on the eve of taking over the family business and heads to Hollywood. In Los Angeles, He encounters Fred, an out-of-work slacker with his own lofty goals, who accidentally hits E.B. with his car.

Feigning injury, E.B. manipulates Fred into providing him shelter, and Fred finds himself with the world’s worst houseguest. Then E.B begins to spare no efforts to get audition. And Fred begins to look for a job. One day, in order to avoid being found, E.B has to ask Fred to pretend to be the Easter Bunny. Fred shows some genuine talent in performing the Easter Bunny accidently. However, later Fred is denigrated to kill E.B. and arrested. E.B has to give up his performance and try to save Fred. Finally, both E.B. and Fred co-Easter bunnies are appointed to address the workload concern.

Directed By: Tim Hill
Produced by: Universal
Running Time: 1 hr. 34 min
Genre(s): Family, Animation, Comedy
Stars: James Marsden, Kaley Cuoco, Tiffany Espensen, Chelsea Handler, Elizabeth Perkins, Gary Cole, David Hasselhoff, Elizabeth Howard, Colton Ray, etc.

Tips to convert the Hop for iPad

To watch Hop on iPad, you may need a full functional DVD to iPad Converter, which could help you rip,  edit and convert DVD to iPad 2 video for most popular portable players like iPad 2, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Various output file formats are provided for ripping the Hop DVD  movie to iPad portable player.

After you have ripped The Hop to the right formats, you can watch it anytime and anywhere with your lovely iPad 2 alike players just as you like. The tutorial on how to play DVD on iPad 2 would tell you the detailed procedure of ripping DVD for watching on iPad 2.