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The Rumored ‘iPad Pro’

Looking ahead to 2014, reports are piling up about a larger iPad rumored iPad Pro. One analyst speculates on what Apple could be planning. In recent weeks, the idea of a larger iPad has been taking hold, with some reports having Apple already testing a 12.9 inch screen, and the newest rumors attaching a 4k display to the larger iPad. If true, that would make the “iPad Pro” compatible with 4k video.


If true…

The MacBook Air lineup may be at risk

Simply put, the iPad Pro is a MacBook Air killer. With a size that falls in between the 11.6″ and 13.3″ MacBook Airs, people would scour for the device that offers better portability. While the processing power of MacBooks is certainly more powerful than the current iPads, Apple may be developing a new chip that would make it comparable to the manufacturer’s laptop line.

Using the device with one hand will become more difficult

Packed with a huge display and frame, the iPad Pro could be a problem to handle, especially for female owners. If a device can only be used with two hands effectively, then it totally dismisses the ‘mobility’ factor of the said device. That goes for the rumored iPad Pro as well. If a user would only place it on a tablet top or dock just so he can use it properly and conveniently, then he might as well have purchased a MacBook instead.

Is There Room for a Bigger iPad?

At the heart of this rumor is the notion that there’s a market for a larger iPad in the first place — never mind that Samsung just announced two new 12.2-inch tablets at CES, effectively beating Apple to the space with a modern offering.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who noted it in Apple’s last financial call to investors last fall, Apple held 94 percent of the tablet market in education. While I personally believe there’s a market for a larger iPad that would be more capable of replacing a laptop in business (and creative) environments, I would expect Apple to more fully explore ways to deliver more iPads to schools and kids.

After all, as children grow up touching and tapping and swiping, they’ll become a revenue source of future consumers who prefer the tablet form factor over the old-school MacBook notebooks with Mac OS X — which, it should be noted, currently rely on Intel-based processors, while iPads use Apple’s own processors.

If Apple is considering a longer-term shift at the processor and OS level in order to retain more control over release cycles, innovation and profit, then building and supporting a “pro” iPad seems like a great place to start.

All of these sorts of arguments point to a clear consensus that pretty much everybody believes an iPad Pro is a done deal — it’s coming in 2014.

What do you think about the iPad Pro rumors?