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Tip: Turn off and restart/reset iPad

Despite all its flashy features and its different shape, Apple’s iPad is a computer just like a laptop or desktop. And, just like laptops and desktops, sometimes a low battery, or in other situations like iPad apps freeze, and freeze the iPad along with them, you need to turn off and restart/reset the iPad. Here is how:

To turn off the iPad, locate the hold button on top of the iPad, at its right edge. This is a physical button, not an onscreen one. Press the hold button for a few seconds, until a slider appears at the top of the screen that says “slide to power off.”

To turn the iPad off, move the slider from left to right. If you don’t want to shut it down, tap the “cancel” button at the bottom of the screen.

To turn the iPad back on, just press the hold button until the screen lights up and the Apple logo appears. Then let he button go and the iPad will boot up.

To restart/reste the iPad, hold down the hold and home buttons at the same time. The hold button is on the top right corner of the iPad’s case. The home button is the circular button just under the screen on the center of the iPad. Hold these buttons down until the screen flashes and goes dark. You can then restart the iPad by holding down the Hold button until the Apple icon appears. Let go of the buttons and you’ll be using your iPad again in just a few seconds.