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Tips to Copy/Transfer iPad 2 Video to Computer

You may have made some great videos of your near and dear ones with your new iPad 2 and would definitely love them to transfer them to your computer. If you were thinking how it is done, here is a simple guide that would enable you to move the recorded or purchased videos from iPad 2 to your computer.

Why do we need to copy/ transfer video from iPad 2 to computer?

It would be a wonderful thing to know we’ll never have a hard drive failure, a system crash with data loss or our computer stolen, but that’s not reality. In our world, those things happen and once you’ve spent the time, money and effort to put video on your iPad, there isn’t any reason it should be locked away. We’ve needed to do a fresh install of the operating system for every computer we have ever owned (yes, including Macs), and sooner or later plenty of users will need to do the same, either because of a physical defect which requires new hardware, or to eliminate any of the spyware, viruses, and other exploits which are part of the computing experience these days. Back-ups are great, but we can’t always back-up our entire library of music and video. And besides, why should we, it’s our video on our iPad?

So,how to copy/ transfer video from iPad 2 to computer?

We’ve gotta do a bit of house cleaning first. If you’ve got iTunes installed — and there’s a very, very good chance you do — we need to make sure autosync is turned off, lest we find ourselves losing those file-laden devices to a refresh. Hold down the Shift and Control buttons (for Mac os, simply hold down the Command and Option ) when you plug in the iPad to prevent it from syncing, then from the iTunes menu, click on the device under the left panel.

Make sure you’ve got “manually manage music and videos” checked as well as “enable disk use,” which will come in handy later as it lets the device appear in the explorer as an external drive. Your iPad will also have a checkbox for automatically syncing — yep, that needs to remain unchecked.

Copying / transfering purchased video content using iTunes

This one’s easy. All the iPad content that you’ve purchased through iTunes store — music, video, apps — can be transferred back to any computer that’s authorized with your account. Check Store > Authorize Computer to be sure, and if you’ve already hit your limit of five (other) authorized devices, you can select “View my Account” and then bring up the iTunes store window to reset them all. Once that’s out of the way, simply go to File > Transfer Purchases and let the software do its thing.

Never click “Erase and Sync!”  All the content on the device will be wiped clean and whatever’s on the computer itself will take its place. That’s not at all what you want — so be careful!

Copying / transfering  from iPads using software
Of course, if you have non-purchased video (say recorded video with iPad 2) to transfer, we have a few extra steps to take. We’ve put a number of iPad transfer software options through the ringer, and hands down, the one we’d recommend here is iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer (for PC users, we recomend Aiseesoft iPad Transfer ). It works with all iPads and iPhones, jailbroken or otherwise, and any current version of iTunes. And it’s easy to download and use. Playback can be choppy at times, but it’s simple and quick enough to use for transfer to desktop or iTunes library.

  • Go to iMac iPad to  Mac Transfer’s review and select Download Trial
  • Move to applications folder, or wherever you’d like it to stay and be content
  • Connect iPad to computer with USB cable.

Once you start the program, you’ll be immediately taken to this page:

The iMac iPad to Mac Transfer is pretty easy to navigate. All the music, video, movie,photo you have will be listed. Click on the specific file you want to transfer, and press Transfer button. Simple and convenient, right? You betcha.

Your turn
There are lots of way to liberate your video files from your iPad, we just picked the free and simple tools. Please feel free to post up your favorites in the comments.