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Top 10 New iPad Tips and Tricks

The world of computers has evolved from the desktops and laptops to the new era of tablet computers. The new iPad is the latest addition in the stock of the gizmos that Apple has given to the world. The operating system of iPad, iOS has numerous features that can be used and experienced by doing just a little research on the device. There are many features which are known to very few people, but anyone can use it by learning some simple tricks that we are going to read about.

Taking a screenshot

A screen shot might be needed to represent an office chart in a presentation or may be to record your highest score in a game. Taking it is very easy by pressing and holding the home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the top right corner of the iPad at the same time. The screenshot will be added to the camera roll.

Multi – touch gestures

Since iPad is a fully touch screen device there are more complex controls than just swiping, tapping and pinching the keyboard. These complex settings can be turned on by going to Settings – General – Multitasking Gestures.

Parental control

There are a number of reasons why one would not want his or her children to have unrestricted access to the internet. Parental controls can be set up easily by going to settings – general – restrictions. Once set, the restriction settings are protected by a pin which can be changed by the user only.

Find text on a page

CTRL+F is the traditional way of searching for a word or phrase in a document. The same can be done on the iPad by typing the word in the search box on the top. If the word is found in the page then it will be seen in the “On This Page” section.

Improve battery life

The battery life of iPad can be easily conserved by doing a few simple things like decreasing the brightness, turning off 3G or even by going to the aircraft mode when connectivity is not required. This is not going to harm your iPad style in any way.


Copy paste is perhaps the most useful feature across desktops, laptops and tablets! It can be done on iPad as well by tapping and holding the text which needs to be copied.

Access iTunes library from anywhere

There are many ways of accessing iTunes library from iPad. The first step for doing this is to sync the iTunes library with the iPad. The next step is to click on the “library” option in the iPod application and select the desired library for listening. The “Home Sharing” option needs to be enabled both on the MAC and on the iPad for achieving this.

Reveal hidden keyboard keys

The hidden keys on the virtual keyboard can be revealed by pressing and holding the keys. For example, additional keys like .net, .us, .edu, and .org appear on the screen if the .com key is pressed after entering an email address.

Read PDF files on iPad

Apple’s own app “iBooks” helps with reading a PDF file on the iPad. All one needs to do is just select and hold the PDF file attached to an email and it will open automatically in iBooks.

Join preferred wi-fi networks

iPad can be enabled to remember and join only those Wi-Fi networks that have been used in the past by the user. This can be done by disabling the “Ask to join Networks” option in the settings section of the wi-fi network.

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