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Top 3 Free Music Player Apps for iPad That Rock

There are a lot of great music players for iPad, but if you’re looking for something that’s powerful yet easy-to-use equalizer, a handy tag editor, and tons of customization options, look no further than these top 3 free iPad music player apps.

Shazam Player

Music recognition service Shazam has recently launched a new music player app for iPad and iPhone that combines song playback with Shazam’s discovery features. The Shazam player not only allows iOS users to listen to tracks and iTunes playlists stored on the device but also offers the ability to stream lyrics to these tracks so you can sing-along to your favourite tracks. Furthermore, using the Shazam Player you can also share the songs you’re listening to on Facebook and Twitter, get direct links to the back catalogues of these artists on iTunes to grow your music collection and even watch the music video to accompany the tracks on YouTube and get information on the latest concert dates for the artists you’re listening to.
[Free – iTunes Download Link]


Spotify allows you to make just about every song in your playlists available for off-line play (whether you own them or not) and adding local files is a snap. The user interface can be a bit difficult to understand, and it’s definitely utilitarian; except for the News tab there’s not a picture to be found, of album art or otherwise, and there’s no cover flow-esque landscape view in sight. Spotify is already available on the iPhone/iPod touch, so its introduction on the iPad was never in doubt. It’s nice to know the iPad native app looks to be coming sooner, not later.
[Free – iTunes Download Link]


There are quite a few apps out there that will let you listen to and browse socially around your favorite music, but if you happen to be a SoundCloud fan or just like the heavy social network integration, you might be excited try this app out. SoundCloud generally opted for the dual-pane look in the iPad app, which means you can browse around your friends and their shares, all while listening to and learning about any music you happen to pull up on the side of the screen.
[Free – iTunes Download Link]