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Top Christmas Gift 2010 – iPad

If you want to buy great Christmas presents for yourself or someone else, buy the Apple iPad Tablet 64GB. This is truly the next step in technology. Don’t think of it as a computer, but rather a multi-media tablet. The iPad can be your movie player, music player, gaming console, email reader, e-reader, and small computer all wrapped up in one device.

At just under 8 inches by 10 inches, and 1.5 pounds, it almost feels as if you are handling a hard magazine.  And with the 10 hour battery life, you can really forget that you ever need to charge the thing. Be aware that you do need to use the charger enclosed with the iPad because most USB ports will not charge it, but again, 10 hours is an awfully long time before you need to worry about that.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to use even if you have been a long time Windows user, you probably won’t have any trouble picking up the Mac user interface.

If you are planning on using this device as a reader, the visuals are stunning.  You can either use the iPad reader software and get beautiful color images and a great page layout, or you can download the Kindle app which will allow you the ease and use of the amazon platform.  Buying books is much easier via the Kindle app than on iTunes.

Also guys you can step up and show your love via sending Gift of iPad in this Christmas with Engraved Christmas Greetings and the most important part if this facility is that it is free at Online Store for iPad. Its seems very cool. iPad is already made mark and trending the Tablets Market so i know every iPad lover will definitely look forward to avail this particular facility.

The iPad Tablet offers a wonderful experience for most users. There is also an  iPad with 16 GB available or with you can get the  Apple iPad Tablet 64GB, Wifi + 3G.  Click here if you’re looking for DVD movies to iPad converters.