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Top Free Apps to Follow 2013 Oscars on Your iPad

The 2013 Oscars are right around the corner and if you can’t crash in front of your tv to see all the action live, your iPad is a great way to keep up to date with what’s happening. From the official Oscars app to third party apps, you may find these top apps useful before and during the show — and all of them are free.


The official 2013 Oscars app is designed for both iPhone and iPad is a great companion app for keeping up with what you can expect. It should help keep you informed and get you primed for the big event.  It’s no surprise that an app that celebrates the best of big-screen films looks pretty great on a big iPad screen. It’s full of striking images, plenty of good videos, and lots of fun history and trivia about the Oscars.

In the meantime, the What’s new section has some interesting ‘Did You Know’ entries, including one on the first Oscar winner who won by portraying a past winner. I also learned in this section that this year’s awards will feature a tribute to James Bond movies as this is their 50th anniversary – that’s definitely something I’m looking forward to seeing.

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E! Live from the Red Carpet

If you want to know what celebrities are attending the Oscars and who’s showing up with who, E! is sure to have the scoop, and then some. E! is always on hand to cover large events like the Oscars and their app should be chock full of both red carpet arrivals and celebrity interviews.

While this isn’t an official app or centered directly around the Oscars, E! Live from the Red Carpet is sure to have lots of Oscars coverage come Sunday. E! Live from the Red Carpet is also compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

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Awards Hero: Oscars Edition

If you’re excited for the Oscars or just want to know more about the nominees, Awards Hero: Oscars Edition is a great find. Awards Hero is not just a database of Oscar-related info; it’s also a quick way to access to all the nominees and be allowed to pick your favorites and share them with friends.

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As the world’s foremost online repository of movie information, this one seems pretty obvious. Settle disputes, look up actor histories and lots more with the original “Internet Movie Database.” Awards Guide is prettier, however.

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Your picks?

If you’ve found a super cool app focused around the Oscars, make sure to let us know by dropping it in the comments below. Either way, let us know how you’ll be following along this year!